The Simple Things

There is something very special about finding the perfect piece of jewelry. To me this means finding a piece that I don’t just wear for special occasions, but that transitions effortlessly with me in my daily style. It is simple, light and adds that perfect amount of sparkle.













I have a fairly large collection of jewelry that I sadly don’t find myself wearing that often because I can’t be bothered to be perpetually changing the different styles that only go with certain outfits or are uncomfortable and bulky after an extended period of time. I love pieces that be dressed up or down, that work with a broad color palette and that make me feel just that little bit more put together on the days that I can’t be bothered. Luckily I came across and worked with a beautiful, handmade line of minimalist jewelry called Ella Harrison.

There are so many beautiful pieces that she makes with high quality materials and gem stones that you will easily find something that will move with you from your morning coffee to a night on the town.

Comfort and glamour can be synonymous and I love finding accessories that make me feel a bit more dressed up and it is all the more special when they are handmade. I love supporting local businesses that are creating beautiful products and Ella Harrison is definitely one to watch.

Check out her Etsy:

Amazing Photography:

Lots of love and keep being your own kind of beautiful! xo


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