Favorite Natural and Cruelty Free Skincare Products

I have been obsessed with skincare ever since my early teens. It all started with the orange Neutrogena cleanser that almost every girl in my school had, moved on to the Pro-Activ system, segued into a subscription of Murad and likely dozens upon dozens of brand experiments after, here we are now.

I’ve dealt with many different skin issues in my 26 years and the main thing I’ve learned is that great skin really starts from the inside, out. I didn’t have acne until I was 15 and once it started, it didn’t want to stop. That was also the time when there was a lot of stress and anxiety in my life. My body wasn’t getting the proper nutrition it needed, wasn’t getting enough sleep, not enough water and the biggest factor I believe was my mental health and the way I talked to myself. I truly believe that everything we ingest whether it’s food, drink, prescription drugs, pollution, other people’s energy or our own thoughts, they all manifest inside and out.

Once I began to clean up my diet by limiting processed foods and animal products, began eating double the amount of fruits and vegetables I used to and was much more conscious of how much water I was drinking, my skin really began to clear up. But the very large factor that goes unnoticed is how we are feeling and our self esteem. I notice that when I am hard on myself, put myself down and feel inadequate, my skin will either flare up with a few pimples or just be very hallow looking. It is so important to be kind and compassionate to ourselves.

In saying that, I also want to extend that kindness to the products that I choose to use on my skin. I am not perfect with always using 100% vegan products in my beauty routine, but my skincare is definitely where I aim to use all natural and cruelty free products. A company that I think is doing a wonderful job of curating those kind of products (that is also Canadian!) is Green Tree Beauty.

I love that they are a company that has standards of products that are not only safe and effective for you, but do not test on animals and are sustainably sourced. The reason that they are called Green Tree Beauty is because for every product sold, a tree is planted. As a lover of trees, I greatly approve.

In this post I wanted to share some of my favorite products with you in hopes that it will open up a new consciousness about what we put on our skin and how it affects the world around us. These products are incredibly effective at helping me keep breakouts at bay, my skin glowing and are very gentle for those with sensitive skin.

The first product I’m a big fan of to cleanse and exfoliate my skin is the Viva Organics Exfoliating Gel. I do not use this product every day as my regular cleanser, but it is my absolute favorite for my twice weekly exfoliating session. I had never used a gommage product before that is so gentle, yet powerful at removing all your dead skin cells and leaving your face feeling fresh and glowing.

Viva Organics – Exfoliating Gel

The next product I love to use is this facial serum from Northlore. I tend to have combination skin and even though breakouts are usually my main concern, my skin can get very dehydrated in the colder months and it is very important I layer up with a moisturizing and protective serum. I love this product because it is soothing to my dry skin and gives a great radiance when used regularly. Another bonus is that is made right near my hometown in Saskatoon, SK! Who knew such amazing skincare products were being made in small prairie cities?


The skin around our eyes is much more thin and delicate than on the rest of our face, so we have to be careful in not only the kind of products we apply, but also the technique we use. I would recommend using your ring finger to gently pat in the product instead of swiping it on because it tugs at the skin and doesn’t absorb as well. I really like this eye cream because it has hyaluronic acid to keep wrinkles at bay, as well as green tea and cucumber to soothe the skin.

Viva Health Products – Firming Eye Cream

The Amaze Cream for Viva Organics is a moisturizer I really like to use more in the winter months because it has a richer consistency, great for anti-aging and nourishing the skin. If you have dry or mature skin you could probably benefit from this all year round, but for me it is the perfect option to protect my skin from the elements and low humidity in colder weather. It has many vitamins and antioxidants in it, as well as hyaluronic and alpha lipoic acid to keep your skin healthy.

Viva Health Products – Amaze Cream – 30ml

Last, but certainly not least, is a super powerful mud mask from Northlore that is awesome for clearing congested pores and drying out pimples. At first I was using this all over my face, but I found it too drying for my skin type. Instead I use it solely on parts of my t-zone or even as a spot treatment for any breakouts and it works AMAZING. It has bennonite clay, as well as activated charcoal to absorb any oil and clean your skin. This is a great option for a heavy duty mask.

Northlore – Plains Mud Mask

I really hope this article inspired you to consider what you are putting on your skin on a daily basis and the wonderful products that are available that benefit not only you, but the planet. Green Tree Beauty is a great company that I love to support and I really hope you guys enjoy their products as much as I do. Not only do they have incredible skincare, but the natural makeup lines that they carry are also phenomenal and I will definitely be posting those favorites as well.

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This is not an affiliate code, but a great little bonus so you guys can try out some amazing new products.


If you’d like an in depth tutorial of how I do my own facials at home, check out this video with the above mentioned products:

Alina Mcleod xo


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